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Party Event Caricatures

Add a little twist of humor to your next party!



1. Black & White. ( Drawing time takes about 3 to 5 minutes )
2. Color ( Drawing time takes about 6 to 12 minutes )

Click here for more samples of Party Event Caricatures!

Prices for Party event Caricatures.

These drawings are the type of caricatures you can expect to receive at your event, depending on your specifications of black & white line, black & white marker or color. Artists are available for $120 per hour per artist. A deposit of $60 is required to book each artist. Artists draw 10 to 15 black and white caricatures per hour. Upon request, artists can add a splash of color, which takes a little longer. If you would like full color caricatures, these can be drawn at a rate of 6 to 12 per hour.

If you want the artists to draw couples, add backgrounds, cartoon characters, props, etc. Our artists are flexible to provide whatever your imagination sparks.

If requesting Party Event Caricatures or Face Painting please include the following:

Your name:*
Street address:*
City, state, zip:*
Daytime phone:*
E-mail address:*
Name of the event*
Day, address & time of event*
How many hours?*
How many artists needed* - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.


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